Gate1® slide gate opener

This was sent in by Domingo from FT. LAUDERDALE, FL. Seen here is the Gate1® GA1000 Slide Driveway Gate motor installed on a colorful art deco styled gate design. The entryway is matched with the Gate1® GA1000 Single remote control driveway gate which includes both security and basic access.

Gate Automation GA1000

San diego, CA
Matt sent in this photo from a commercial style gate in San diego, CA automated by a Gate1® GA3000. Other great accessories installed with the remote control fence gate is a Omron E3K retro reflective safety beam and a Gate1® stand alone hardwired keypad.

Gate1 GA1500 installed in Los angeles CA.

Los Angeles, CA
I purchased the GA-1000 remote controled gate operator for my new gate. My biggest worry was that my gate would close while I would be taking the car inside and it would hit the car. Thankfully, the GA-1000 has an electronic anti-entrapment system which makes sure that the gate reverses as soon as it touches my car while it’s closing. While opening, if my car is too close to the remote controlled gates, the gate stops and my car is safe from harm. I can set a closing time for my gate and it closes automatically after exactly 25 seconds. A great slide gate opener!

Gate1 GA3000 installed in southwest ranches, FL

Southwest Ranches, FL
I recently bought the GA-3000 Automatic Gate Operator for my factory gate and must say it was well worth the money. I was a little skeptical since we get major deliveries with bulky boxes and cartons every day and if the gate stops working like it has in the past, the whole day goes to waste. Thankfully this heavy duty remote gate opener is just what the factory gate needed since it gives overload protection and the magnetic limit switches make sure that the opening and closing positions of the remote gate openers are accurate and correctly timed. Highly recommend this product.

Gate1 GA1000 installed in Longview, TX

Longview, TX
I must say that although the GA-1500 Gear Rack remote gates was a little over my budget, it has performed exactly the way I wanted to. I bought it specifically for the monsoon season because I was very worried about my gate crashing into the cars because of rains and wind. Thankfully, this product comes with weather-proof casing which makes it reliable and keeps the gate movement in check. It maintains a speed of 11 inches per second which prevents any crashes and I know that in case there is an emergency or power failure, I can use the release-key feature to open it manually.

Gate1 GA1000 automatic sliding gate

I wasn’t sure what the difference between the GA-1000 and the GA-1500 was since the specs seemed to be pretty similar. I think that the only difference is the weight and I wanted to take no chances so I bought the GA-1500 residential gate entry systems which weighs 1500 lbs. So far it has managed to really impress me because it comes with overload protection which is what I needed for my gate and also for my car and son’s bike. The best part is that in case there is a power failure or fire or storm, I can just use the release-key to open the gate myself so it is a pretty safe device.

GA1000 gate motor

Lynden, WA
Great Product! I can finally take my mini-van out and park it knowing that it will be safe from gate scratches and crashes. The GA-1000 residential gate opener is for $250 and initially I wasn’t sure it would perform the way I’d want it to since my gate itself is quite big and difficult to push manually. I am glad I went the automatic route since the residential gate openers opens and closes the gate according to a fixed time at a steady speed and also ensures that when the gate closes it does so accurately using its magnetic limit switches.

Gate1® GA2000 gate opener motor

Doral, FL
What drew me to the GA-2000 residential gate operator is that it has a reliable gate operation. I also like the fact that it had a piece of mind operation which came in handy for me during a power failure. The 2 manual release keys also come in handy with the product. Besides all of that, the GA-2000 residential security gate systems has been great for the last 5 years now. The reliable magnetic switches are easy to function when it comes to open and close gate locations. My friends love the product and they were ecstatic to know that it has a built-in overload sensitivity sensor.

GA2500 Cheap gate opener

Dickinson, TX
The GA-2500 Gear Rack residential sliding gate operator was no joke. You really do get what you pay for but it is worth every penny. Wasn’t what I was looking for at the beginning because of the cost but I got over it really quick, once I saw how effective it was. It works really well in harsh seasons, particularly with rain and heavy winds. So happy, GA-2500 rolling gate opener system had a weather-proof casing already on board. What I fell in love with it was the fact that it’s user programmable and user erasable remote codes which come in handy. The amazing thing about this product is that it can stop and reverse if it comes across an obstruction on opening and closing, in that way making it one of the securest rolling gate openers on the market.

Viper TC3 wifi gate opener

Cedar Park, TX
I just completed installing my two stainless steel rotating gate operator and it was not that bad at all. Both of them were able to handle my 11' long rod iron sole leaf gates at which were placed at each side of my house. With that being said, the installation was not hard just basic and instructions were easy to follow. If I had any kind of questions, customer service was more than happy to help me. These openers are not loud, runs smooth and easy on the eyes also. There's a small final adjustment to the escalating brackets which is pretty easy to do but just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

GA2500 Cheap gate opener

Oakland, CA
I was actually able to get them installed myself over the course of two days. It only took this long because I had to fool around with the post brackets. I also had to overcome some battery problems. This was an old-fashioned-fit installation placed on by hand functioned gates which were hung on tie posts with small hinges. It was a little hard trying to achieve the recommended bracket offsets but was finally able to do it. When I installed the charge controller of the slide gate opener kit, it was puzzling at first but after reading the directions a few times I was able to put it all together.

GA2500 Cheap gate opener

Altamonte springs, FL
Making use of wireless technology like Wi-Fi, these slide gate operator chain can be operated from a number of meters away. They can be opened or closed using the dedicated remotes that come along with the gate, or through other devices like smartphones and tablets. There is a receiver built into every slide gate operator comparison through which the controls can be passed. It is easy to adjust the sensitivity of the slide gate operator industrial as well so that the speed in which the gate opens or closes is as per the requirements of the user.

GA2500 Cheap gate opener

Pueblo West, CO
Integrated into the slide gate operator opener is an anti-entrapment reversing system that retracts to its original position in case of any accident where a vehicle is caught while the gate is closing. The switches, terminals, and buttons found in the opener are all extremely durable and have been put through rigorous testing before being used. The cover of the slide gate operator installation is built from high density polyethylene and can withstand any kind of weather.

Gate1 GA2000 gate opener

Tempe, AZ
I have a large steel sliding gate so I wasn't sure it was going to be possible to install an automatic gate opener on it without spending a fortune. After a bit of research I discovered the slide gate operator solar GA-2500 which fitted the bill. I've been absolutely thrilled with it since installing it. It's strong and doesn't even flinch under the weight of my gate. It's also super easy to add accessories to. I've added a keypad access control so visitors who don't have a remote can enter, and a safety beam. The whole thing works seamlessly and never misses a beat.

GA1000 automatic gate opener

Sacramento, CA
I've been considering installing an slide gate operators for quite a while, but I wasn't really sure about where to start. The articles on this web site provided a lot of good knowledge, including putting my mind at ease about potential problems like the gate closing itself on my car. After a little research I ordered all the parts that I wanted. They arrived promptly and were easy to install. Thanks for providing great quality products.

GA1000 automatic gate opener

Momence, IL.
My boss was looking for a door opener for our warehouse gates which are quite big about 2,500 pounds so we needed a commercial sliding automatic gate to get the job done. When I bought the GA-3000 gate opener I was mostly interested in the fact that it could handle heavier gates and was quick with opening and closing. According to the manual it can open the gate at about 11 inches per second which has been more than fast enough. My only complaint is that the manual didn’t really give me a lot of details so it took me a little while to install it well but luckily it doesn’t require any special knowledge or tools so once you figure it out once it becomes really easy to install again.

GA1000 automatic gate opener

Hialeah gardens, FL.
The GA-2500 door opener is awesome, I had it installed last week and so far it’s been working really well. It’s very responsible to the remote and the nice thing is that you don’t have to let the gate open up all the way before you stop it you can just open it enough to let something like a bike or people in. My family really appreciates it since our gates pretty loud so not having to hear it open all the way is convenient. Another great feature is the Wi-Fi connectivity so you can manage the sliding driveway gate opener like other smart devices in your home.

GA1000 electric gate opener

Madera, CA.
I've lived on a gated property for years and never really thought about an sliding electric gate opener. Guess I never saw the need for one a friend got one installed and he sounded really pleased so I figured I'd try it out too. Wanted something cheap but sturdy and easy to use I work in mechanical engineering so failsafe in devices are very important for me. I was very impressed to find out that this contains an Integrated Anti-Trapment reversing system and a mechanical override switch in case something goes wrong. Installation was easy for me but with some very detailed instructions, it is easy for anyone. It works without a hitch and well I guess my life has gotten a bit easier!

GA1000 electric gate opener kit

Brooklyn, NY.
I live in the US and my parents live in another country. They're getting old and getting around as briskly as before was getting harder and harder. Our house back home where they live is gated and was trying to convince my dad to get an automatic gate installed for the longest. Obviously, he wasn't listening, kept complaining about the cost being too high. So one day I come across this sliding gate opener gate operator — what caught my eye was that it would work across the 120VAC as well and the price was fantastic. Got fit for my dad who gets a neighbor to install it For once he's not complaining and it works like a charm.

GA1000 electric gate opener kit

San diego, CA.
Jimmy Hi Gate 1 access, my name is Jimmy and I would like to say a few things about my sliding gate opener kit device. Though I've only used it for a couple of months now, I think that the gate opener device is very convenient to use since you just punch in your programmed code to open the door. The device key pads light up at night so you can easily see the keypads when it’s dark, no need to use a torch. The other good thing about the device is that it can be used in combination with other access control features like the key just to reinforce security.

power gate opener

Vega Alta, PR.
Mr. Jackson has been searching for gate opener installation companies for the past few weeks, but just ViperGateSystems fitted his budget plans and presented him with a huge variety of gates/gate openers. According to him, they had different kinds of sliding gate opener motor to automate several types of gates. ViperGateSystems added beauty, privacy and peace of mind to his home. Not just having a gate that is functional, one must also have a gate that is beautiful and that matches with his home's design. Most of all, Mr. Jackson contracted a service that was fair to his budget which to him is the best deal you could ever get from a gate installation company.

gate opener operator

Christiansted, VI.
Hi, my name is Tim; I would like to give a "thumbs up" to the gate opener team for coming up with this simple but valuable security device. I work in a small office that has a strong room that needs to be accessed by only authorized personnel and this is how we came to install the gate opener. The device has helped us to solve the strong room access problem since every individual is given a unique code for access and even one-time contractors can be assigned their one-time access code. The gate opener is simply amazing.

power gate opener

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Hi, my name is Laurence and I have a few comments regarding my gate opener. My main entrance door is slightly exposed to rain and snow and when installing the gate opener I thought it wouldn't be a very good idea. To my surprise, despite the exposure to rain and snow, the gate opener looks very sleek and has no rust or any signs of discoloration one year down the line and works perfect. I would like to say that the materials used on the casing are very good and the large metal key plates are illuminated at night and are clearly visible. Thanks for the great product.