How secure is your home? Would you like to beef up security as well as add a touch of beauty and sophistication to your beautiful home? 

Purchasing a Gate1® GA2500 sliding gate is one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. It gives you the opportunity to experience the class and the effectiveness that comes with sliding gates. If you are interested in getting a sliding gate opener, Gate1® GA2500 sliding gate is a recommended purchase for you. 

Why this sliding gate and not the rest?

Low profile design - Gate1® GA2500 has all the features that one would wish to have in a gate opener. First of all, this gate has a low profile design that makes it very easy to install and operate. It is designed in such a way that the gate can open in either direction (right or left) and it automatically locks when it is not being operated. 

Power – The gate is electronically powered and runs with a power input of about 120V AC power and a 24AC output. In addition, it is Wi-Fi enabled, has an inbuilt receiver and is extremely quiet which increases its efficiency.

All weather – The gate has a weatherproof high-density polythene cover that makes it operational at all times. It has additional unique features such as the nylon gear racks that are designed to resist rust.

Guarantee – This gate is designed for residential applications and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor.

 Gate1 GA2500 residential gate opener

With these and other additional features such as emergency key release capacity there is no better product in the market. If you like to enjoy peace at your home with minimal noise, then this is the perfect commodity for you since it’s exceptionally quiet. This gate also gives you the pleasure to adjust it to function efficiently since it has an open or close sensitivity adjustment. 


Apartment gate opener app

Technology has made work easier for us; we can carry out a couple of activities from the comfort of our seats. An apartment gate opener app gives you the opportunity to open, close and monitor your gate from your smartphone, iPhone, computer or an advanced watch (apple watch) wherever in the world you might be. 


Have you ever tried downloading an apartment gate opener app in your phone? This app has a number of benefits. Some of them include;

Time - This app saves you time that you would have spent to moving around to close the gate

It is economical – Once it’s installed all you need to do is to download the app onto your android phone, iPhone and operate it from there. 

Security – Since you can monitor all the activities going in and around your home from your phone, it’s easier for you to detect oncoming danger and take the necessary measures early. 

Privacy – If you are planning to have a good time with your family, the app gives you the freedom to open or close the gate to those you want only.  

There are various kinds of apartment gate opener apps in the market. If you are planning to buy one you can try the Open Sesame Garage Door Opener that is easy to install, affordable, allows you to pair to any smartphones and you can use your original garage remote if you like. The good news about this gate opener is that internet is not necessary thus gives you the the allowance to use it from every part of the world even in places where internet is inaccessible.

Gate opener repair

Even the very efficient Gate1® GA2500 are highly prone to damage especially if the installation was poorly done. If the gate opener is faulty, you need to carry out the necessary repairs needed. If;

The gate stops, doesn’t move or make any sound – In this case, you need to check if the switch and the breaker are working properly. If it is remote controlled, you need to check if the remote is faulty or it has run out of power. Also, you need to check all the outlets to verify if the ground fault interrupter is tripping.

The gate doesn’t stop where it’s supposed to – For a sliding gate, the reason it might fail to stop where it’s supposed to could be because a lever is holding the limit nut in place. In this case, you are required to press the lever back out of the slot on to the limit shaft.

The gate doesn’t open - Mechanical and electrical problems might stop the gate from opening as required. First you need to check any physical obstacles that might keep the gate from opening. Secondly, you should verify the possibility of a mechanical problem by detaching the chain from the sliding gate. If the gate doesn’t move after detaching the chain, then you should call a professional technician. Additionally, verify if someone has pressed the hold open’ command. In case of an electrical problem, you should check the edge transmitters, if there is a battery issue or you use the breaker to cut power off. 

Remote controller doesn’t respond – First you should make sure that the batteries in the remote controller are functional. If the batteries are functional and it doesn’t respond, then you need to replace the remote controller.

The cost of installing Gate1® GA2500 sliding gate opener can be expensive. It is therefore necessary to take good care of the gate in terms of maintenance and operation. Some of the precautions are;

· Always use the right installing equipment for your gate

· Ensure there is efficient drainage to avoid clogging the motor

· Consult a technician; do not fix the gate or the gate opener for yourself

· Ensure you have gate controllers; the technician should provide you with the best controllers and detectors for your vehicle, remote, GSM if you are using a smartphone and the like.

There are various types of gate openers available in the market. An example is the lowes gate opener that can be purchased easily from This gate comes in different sizes, colour, parking and shapes. It has emergency release key in the event of power failure and has a modifiable opening and closing interval between the master and the slave gate. In addition, this gate opener is affordable and has a soft start and stop that increases efficiency. 

Gate1® GA2500 sliding gate opener cannot be compared to lowes gate opener or any other gate openers that are offered in the market. This gate functions efficiently, enhances the security at your home and will definitely give you value for your money; it’s up to you to make the best decision regarding it. 

Make the best decision today, enjoy comfort and security for the rest of your life!